Welcome New Tutors!

Six people attended our Tutor Workshop. We welcome new tutors Stephanie Mackensen, Christie Solorio, Camara Kurch, Christain Shultz, Matt Nowalk, and Laura Dolan Teverow. Our volunteer tutors give students another chance. They develop respectful and ecnouraging relationships with the learners and create a safe environment for learning. This is what one of our student's shared with her tutor, "I have a lot I want to tell you. I am so glad I let you be my teacher. I couldn't of had a better teacher than you. You don't know how you have changed my life for the better . . . I will never forget who taught me to read, to write a sentence, learn math, tell time, and oh so much more. . .  Just think ten years ago I couldn't have wrote this letter. Look how much you have taught me."