Upcoming Tutor Workshop - September 26, 2015

The Gift of a Lifetime  --  Help Someone Learn to Read

If you need a rewarding place to volunteer, you have found it here at Joplin NALA Read. We are offering a Tutor Workshop to prepare you to become a successful teacher of adult literacy students. The workshop will cover issues associated with teaching adults as well as introduce you to the learning materials available through Joplin NALA Read. We hope you will attend and become a volunteer tutor - changing lives one word at a time!

Brendan Shares His Love of Reading

Brendan Sandnes, Fourth Grade student at Triway Elementary, hopes to pass on his love of reading to other children through his donation of children’s books to Joplin NALA Read. Parents who do not have basic literacy skills are less likely to have reading materials in the home, yet the single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success and achievement is an introduction to books and being read to at home prior to starting school. 

Joplin NALA Read Works to Address Adult Literacy Crisis

On September 8, the world will mark the 48th annual International Literacy Day to remind us all that reading, writing, and basic math remain an elusive target for nearly 800 million adults around the globe. Joplin NALA Read is part of a national network of organizations that work every minute of every day to end the adult literacy crisis. 

According to ProLiteracy, the largest membership organization advancing the cause of adult literacy and basic education in the nation, more than 36 million adults in the U.S. lack the most basic literacy skills, and 15 percent of Americans without a diploma don’t have jobs. 

English Forward Workshop a Huge Success

Twenty-five participants, representing 8 literacy organizations in Southwest Missouri, attended a two-day English Forward training hosted by Joplin NALA Read and presented by the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas. 

NALA was selected to host the English Forward training system for 25 participants with at least one representative from each organization to receive additional online instruction to become a trainer. The English Forward Training-of-Trainers component ensures that regions, coalitions and programs using English Forward are able to sustain the training system as volunteers cycle in and out of classes and new programs are established. Programs and trainers are given the resources they need to successfully implement the English Forward Training System in their own communities.

ESL Students Visit City Hall, Joplin, MO

Joplin NALA Read's English as a Second Language students began their Friday lesson with learning vocabulary related to City Hall - municipal, city council, city clerk, and  public information officer. Then they practiced writing and saying embedded questions. Embedded questions are a question within a question and are often used because it sounds more polite. Our students then came up with a list of questions to ask during our tour of City Hall such as, "Could you tell me when the next city council meeting is?" We want to thank Barb Hogelin, Joplin City Clerk, for leading the tour of City Hall.